What is a Democracy?

A democracy is a system of government that bases its legitimacy on the participation of its citizens.  The United States is a representative democracy in which representatives are elected to make policy and enforce laws while representing those citizens; it does so based on popular sovereignty in which the structures, powers, and limits of government are set forth in a constitution.

One Person, One Vote

Why the Civic Lesson, and What Does It Mean?

It means that the most important action that you can take as a citizen in a democracy is to vote.  You, as a citizen, have the right and the power to vote; that is how your voice and concerns are heard and acted on by your representatives; remember, they work for you.  With that vote, you have the same power as the richest, most powerful, and most influential people in the country.

Two young women sitting on a couch wrapped in american flags.
A man and woman wearing american flag glasses.

Why the T-Shirts?

People generally wear T-Shirts to make a statement.  Not necessarily a fashion statement but to celebrate an event, or maybe a school they attended, their favorite sports team, a vacation spot, a family gathering, or their favorite whatever.  Some people wear T-shirts to send a message, akin to a walking billboard.  They might wear them to protest something or bring attention to a subject they're passionate about and to show a common bond with others that feel the same way. 

Sometimes the Unspoken Word is the Loudest

Remember, you have nothing to say if you don't vote.  Invest one day every two years to protect our democracy.  Get educated, register to vote, and pick up a shirt to show your fellow citizens that you're concerned and engaged, and encourage them to do their civic duty to preserve this perfect union.

In the spirit of Democracy, Ya Gotta Vote to show your elected representatives that you mean business at the ballot box!

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