Let's Talk About Democracy

Democrats For Democracy is all about the issues facing the US.  We are here to support our country with products that speak about the latest news and events that affect all of us and keep the freedoms and liberties that are our rights as citizens of the US.  We are a grassroots effort to help you convey your message and spread the word.  You can contact us for more information.

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Lying is not leadership

Good character and integrity are essential traits that our politicians should possess. Join the movement to keep them honest.

Democrats for Democracy

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The Political System

In America, we have a two-party political system, Democrats and Republicans.  Having a two-party system is healthy for a democracy.  It encourages dialog to debate each party's ideas and policies.  This debate works unless the fringe elements control the narrative; the government becomes dysfunctional when they do.

The Progressive Party

The Democratic Party calls itself the Progressive Party.  Progressive means progress, moving forward.

The Democratic Party believes in democracy, the rule of law, people's rights, science, and the threat of climate change.  The other party simply does not; their only interest is staying in power by minority rule.  No answers or solutions, just complaints.  They try to convince you that the government doesn't work and then do their best to ensure it fails you.

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Protect Your Rights

If you want the government to tell you what to read, which religion you should practice, control your reproductive rights, and tell you who you can love, then vote Republican.  If you don't want to raise the minimum wage, are happy with the cost of healthcare and want your Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid gutted, then by all means, vote Republican.  You have that right; that's what makes America great; you have the right to choose, but either way, Ya Gotta Vote!