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Saving Democracy and Our Planet

One Vote at a Time

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Our Mission

Our goal is to get everyone involved in the voting process.  As a citizen of a democracy voting is the most important obligation a person has.  We established three different website entities to promote change through voting.  Nothing is going to happen unless we elect leaders that believe in democracy, rule of law, human rights, science and global warming.  It’s going to take the will of all the people on this earth to save us from ourselves.  It doesn’t matter if you’re Left, Right, Independent or the Communist Party in China, we all have a stake in the viability of our planet.

Spread the Word

That being said, how do you spread the word?  As activists, our plan is to do it through silent media.  The messages will be on a shirt, hat, billboard, poster, sticker or coffee mug.  Our websites will sell all the above to interested people that share the same passion/concerns.  Think of a T-shirt as a walking billboard where the unspoken word can be the loudest.  If enough people are wearing the shirts then those around them might get the message that they too need to be involved.

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We want to make it cool to care because our survival as a species depends on it.

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Ya Gotta Vote!

The most important action that you can take as a citizen in a democracy is to vote, your voice can and should be heard each time you participate in an election.  Read more about your rights as citizens and find helpful links to help you register.

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Democrats for Democracy

What makes our country great is that everyone has a voice.  We aim to protect all voices so they may be part of the discussion.  Enjoy the sales in our clothing stores and find out more about current events that shape the nation and the Democratic Party.  Get resources on fundraising and upcoming elections.

It takes a globe to save a planet.

It Takes a Globe to Save a Planet

It is up to us to think globally and act locally.  We are all neighbors of planet Earth and need to start thinking as such.  Read more about global news and get resources on how you can do your part to prevent climate change and be kind to the Earth and live as one.

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